Ko Wai : Who We Are

The Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea Trust Board was incorporated as a charitable trust on the 11th of September in 1985.  We acknowledge the many whānau who have fulfilled past roles on the board as leaders and kaitiaki for our people.  At the heart of our collective mission is the need to safe guard our whenua and our people.

Through protection of our air and water, of our land itself, and of the health and existence of our communities, we reinforce the message that the old values of looking after the welfare of our future generations still has meaning and, perhaps most importantly, still remains…

Ko motu tohora i whaka kohatu naia Te Tai Tonga
Ko nga Taratara o Toi te Huatahi Te Tai Tokerau
Ko motu Rangiahua Te Tai Hauauru
Ko Kaitoke kohatu Te Tai Rawhiti
Ko Hirakimata te maunga tapu waenga nui,
Ko te Moananui o Toi Te Huatahi te moana,
Ko Rehua raua ko Te Rangituangahuru nga tupuna
Ko Tukaiaia; ko te Tuatara; ko Te Mauri nga Kaitiaki
Ko Ngati Rehua-Ngatiwai ki Aotea te mana whenua
Ko Ngati Wai te iwi
Tihei wa mauri ora!

Te Poari

Nicola MacDonald

Nicola MacDonald, Chair

Nicola is Ngāti Rehua through her tupuna Hone Paama also known as Pūmari Paama and through her father Dawson Rata she connects to Whananaki and Takahiwai. She is also of Te Rarawa and Te Atiawa descent through her mother Christine Rata nee White-Topia. 

Nicola has a Masters in social psychology and degrees in education and health and has held several senior executive positions in both the private and public sector.Nicola has held the position of Chair since 2013 to present and is currently our chief negotiator.  Nicola is married to Gordon who is from Matapouri, they have two children; Ataria and Kawa.

Kris MacDonald

Kris MacDonald, Trustee

Kris MacDonald is Ngāti Rehua through his tupuna Kere Rangiwhakaahu Rangitukiwaho, whose mother was Kapu of Ngāti Rehua  and father was Rangitūkiwaho of Ngātiwai and Ngāti Toki ki-te-moana. He is also an elected Trustee of the Ngātiwai Trust Board on behalf of Te Whānau ā Rangiwhakaahu Marae at Matapōuri.

He is a senior manager of the Ministry of Education and a company director. Kris has an MBA as well as several qualifications in business, research and te reo Māori.

Catherine Munro

Catherine Munro, Trustee

Catherine is of Ngāti Rehua descent through her mother, Hope Munro and grandmother, Davena Hoey.  She has served on the Ngāti Rehua Trustboard since 2013 and has had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects based on Aotea.   Having grown up in Tāmaki Makau Rau she has always maintained a connection to her whenua and whanau on Aotea.  She has a background in education with strong interests in community development, Te Ao Maori, art and architecture.  She has a Bachelor of Arts (Maori),  GradDip in Teaching Primary and a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts.  

Rodney Ngawak

Rodney Ngawaka, Trustee

Rodney lives at Kawa bay on Aotea.  He is one of the driving forces behind the development and completion of Kawa Marae.  He is a proud father and grandfather and is passionate about retaining our Ngāti Rehuatanga.

Yvonne Wiki

Yvonne Wiki, Trustee

I am a descendant of Hone Pūmare Pāmā and have a background in Business Administration.

My commitment to our Ngāti Rehua hapū is simply to:
“Tukaha” – “Stand Strong” in helping our Trust to help our people move forward in accomplishing all of its goals and aspirations in a positive way.

To serve our people in whatever capacity I can and to share my expertise and practical skills in the most effective way that is beneficial to all.

Rōpū Tautoko

Ngaire Pera

Ngaire Pera, Administrator

Ngati Whakaeke, Ngati Tautahi, Ngati Kura nga hapu Nga Puhi te Iwi

Ngaire Pera has a background in Governance, Management and Administration within Maori Education, Health, and Social Services.

She is passionate and committed to assisting in the development and implementation of kaupapa Maori services that will increase the health and wellbeing of whanau and hapu. Ngaire is a member of the Tamaki Makaurau MWWL Regional Council.

“Ka ora te tangata, ka ora te whenua, ka ora te whenua, ka ora te tangata.”

Rawiri Wharemate

Rawiri Wharemate, Board Kaumatua

Rawiri has been a past Chairman and Trustee. Rawiri is a Kaumatua to the Board whom provides invaluable cultural advice and guidance. He is a very active contributing person who sits on various boards nationally. Rawiri is a highly respected Kaumatua.

Spencer Webster

Spencer Webster, Treaty Negotiator :Legal

Spencer is descendant of Heemi Ngawaka.  He is a director and partner of Koning Webster law firm based in Tauranga.  He specialises in Treaty Settlements and Māori land law.  Spencer is married to Andrea Waetford, is the proud Dad of 7 children and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Te Waikohua Rata

Te Waikohua Rata, Registration Coordinator 

Te Waikohua Rata is Ngāti Rehua through her tupuna Hone Pāma also known as Pūmari Pāma and through her late father Dawson Rata she connects to Whananaki and Takahiwai. She also has connections to Ngai Te Ahi Ngai Te Rangi and Ngati Ranginui through her mother Te Waimatao Rata nee Reweti.

Te Waikohua was raised immersed in Te Reo me onā tikangā with our native tongue being her first language. Te Waikohua is the namesake of her late grandfather and she grew up in Takahiwai she also spent a lot of time in Whananaki with her grandmother Rosie Ataria Rata nee Palmer.

After spending 11 years in Australia she has returned to follow her dreams and is currently studying at Auckland University specialising in Te Reo to gain her Bachelor’s Degree in Teaching.  She has a Dip in Business Administration and is currently working on the Maori Cultural Heritage Programme with Auckland Council. This mahi has her learning about all aspects of the whenua and what it means to be from Ngāti Rehua.

“Since returning back to Aotearoa I have developed a passion for learning more about my Rehuatanga and the whakapapa behind our mana whenua, I am delighted to be a member of the kaimahi rōpu and doing my part for our hapu which is striving towards new and positive goals for our people”.

“Naku te rourou nau te rourou ka ora ai te iwi”

With your basket and my basket, the people will live

Andrea Munro

Andrea Munro
Marae Representative – Motairehe Marae

Andrea Munro is a daughter of the beautiful Hope Munro, secretary for Motairehe Marae and sister to Catherine Munro (Trustee, Ngāti Rehua Ngātiwai ki Aotea). Her background is in nursing and she is self-employed and runs an OH&S consultancy.  She specialises and has a Masters degree in business management. Her interests are mainly enjoying her gorgeous children watching over them growing up and sharing valuable time at home with her whānau, walking the dog, reading and property investment.

Phillip Ngawaka

Phillip Ngawaka
Marae Representative – Kawa Marae

Phillip Ngawaka is currently the elected Kawa Marae representative on the Ngātiwai Trust Board. Phillip comes from a building and construction background and is particularly interested in housing and papakainga development.

Rangatahi Rōpū

Rangatahi Rōpū

We actively support and encourage our young people to co-create innovative, fun and youthful strategies and events.  We meet regularly and if you would like to join and get involved please contact us at rangatahi.ropu@ngatirehuangatiwaikiaotea.co.nz

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