Aotea is now in Phase Three of the Omicron COVID-19 surge.
Below are the guidelines for those living on island:
  • If you think you have COVID-19: Please only make an appointment for testing if you have symptoms: 4290 356 OR 4290 047. Using the rapid antigen tests (RATs) which are available on the Island, means you only need to wait for 15 mins.
  • Only people who regard themselves as HOUSEHOLD CONTACTS will need to isolate for 10 days. They will be tested on Day 3 and Day 10.
  • Close contacts are not required to isolate. They are to monitor themselves for symptoms and if they develop any then to get a test. We recommend you avoid situations where you may be in contact with someone who is vulnerable.
RATs will be available for purchase from March 2022.
Should your result be positive please would you phone Aotea Health 4290 356 OR 4290 047 so that we can answer any questions that you may have and support you.


18 March 2022

Special Update from the Aotea Emergency Response Team
  • We have now completed the third week of COVID on Aotea. The numbers have been even lower than previous weeks. Despite this, Thursday (the last day) featured 46% of the week’s cases and has involved new households, so this may provoke an upswing in cases during the fourth and fifth weeks on the island.
  •  To quote Ashley Bloomfield: “As has occurred with Omicron overseas, while COVID-19 cases are usually seen in higher numbers among younger people early in the outbreak, over time the more severe and fatal consequences of the virus fall disproportionately on our older and more vulnerable populations.”
  • So far we have not had any Acuity 5 or 6 positive cases. Aotea Health and AFSGT have previously spent time contacting this grouping by telephone, discussing with them public health safety messages and the need to have a ‘home preparation pack’ should they test positive in the future. This of course has been backed up by ERT messaging via the Bulletin, emails and Face Book.
  • Welfare needs have remained low and AFSGT at their volition, are now adding tamariki activity packs to support isolating whanau. Great Barrier Pharmacy are part of the team and have been home delivering medications to those isolating. The change to 7 days of isolation for COVID cases and their households has been appreciated. But many are still mildly symptomatic (although not believed to be infective) and are choosing to delay starting work until around the 10 day mark.
  • The NHRCC announced on Friday that they continue to believe that the new case numbers for Auckland have peaked and are moving downward. They also noted that they do not necessarily believe that the hospitalisations have peaked just yet but may have. Again I reiterate if Aotea is following this curve we are running 3 weeks behind Auckland. But on the ground we do not have enough data yet to tell.
  • The NHRCC also stressed the importance of BOOSTER COVID vaccinations. When evaluating severity of illness/hospitalisations it is evident in the Auckland region that those BOOSTERED fare considerably better in this Omicron outbreak. All public health messaging continues to stress – AVOID becoming infected with Omicron. It has been quoted that up to 10% of New Zealanders who have experienced the illness are still experiencing some symptoms up to 12 weeks. The diagnosis of long-covid commences post twelve weeks and NZ context-based research will follow what this trend will be over time.
  • Anyone with COVID symptoms or who are a Household Contact at Day 3 or Day 7 to please get RAT tested. People can either contact the Health Centre to arrange for one or if they have their own PLEASE could they the notify Aotea Health of any positive results so that we can provide them with Aotea based information that they will need.
  • Such reporting also helps AFSGT and Aotea Health to understand the acuity of each person and what further resourcing they and their households may need now and until they recover.


Contact Aotea Health
Central and Southern Island (09) 429 0356
Northern Island (09) 429 0047
After Hours
Please call our number and your call will be diverted to the doctor on call
Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday // 9:00am-5pm
Saturday – Sunday // on call for emergencies

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